Oriented Stuffed Cabbage Roll

With love,



Yos people. Im back for a quick updateeee.

Yeaps. Had term test last week. I dono why this term test I was super stressed. Haha. Okay. Then had a part time work on sat and sun. At Funan IT mall, Harvey Norman. Sat was the first time I went to Funan IT. I totally dono where’s Harvey Norman. Called alot of ppl while walking super fast around. Yes! And I found it! The first day was boring. And my feets super pain. Made a friend that day. She’s 16 and she super cute. Always laughing. Haha. 2nd day was boring too. And I gave the wrong info to the customers. LOL! And they tsk at me. 😦 Im just a part timer :(:( LOL. But they still bought it, I still got the commission!(cos the HN people there helped me) I swear Im the worst promoter in the world. HAHA.

POD practical is fun! Made chicken wrap spinach. YUMMY!

Trying to complete the projects we have on hands. Tired~~ Hopefully next week I can really have a good rest.


With love,