Wedding Shots

Disclaimer: This is not my wedding!

I’ve always feel happy to go for wedding, even if it is for work. Pretty weddings make me even more happier. Forget bout those bridezilla (at least they are not at that moment). It’s definitely not easy to coordinate a wedding. So many fine details to take not and remember. I admit most of times I’m quite nervous and panicked and sometimes forgetful. I really admire my manager (who is also the wedding consultant) who can handle those heart-weakening moments so well. Loads to learn from her! Got a few tips bout photography from her as well! Under her guidance, I’ve managed to snap a few pictures which I personally really love it. Damn, I should have brought my camera out from the past few weddings! Why did I not think of that!? These events are just like an opportunity for me to practice my photography skills. Perks of being in this company: Shoot pretty photos.

Some photos from the wedding!
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Hope you’ll like the photos too! 😀

Goodnight folks!