Tokyo Sushi Academy

So we were very honored to be invited by Wa Show for a food tasting at Tokyo Sushi Academy! Wa-Show has recently launched a local online website where you can purchase their products. How awesome is that!

What I love about Japanese and their food is that they are very respectful and very serious to them. From the way they explain to us and talk about their product, I can feel their passion and appreciation in it. When we reached there, we were been served with very fresh honey tomato. I‘ve never ate so much tomatoes before and they are just so irresistible. Every one of them is so sweet! And literally EVERY one of them! Just look at how pretty are those honey tomatoes.


And my two beautiful colleagues are enjoying the best tomatoes in town


What’s Japanese food without tea? So we were served with their specially imported flavoured tea. I chosed the Monka Black Tea with “Momotaro” Grape. It’s black tea with infused with tint of grapes’ flavour. The natural sweet taste is very suitable for those who doesn’t like the strong bitter taste of tea. The prices for the tea are also very reasonable. Definitely worth a try!


Okay, now the food part. Since they were show casing their specially imported Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu beef, from shabu-shabu salad to sushi is beautifully done with the Waygu beef. Every cow will be given a birth certificate. They will be given a name, their parent’s name, identification number etc, just like us. Here’s a quick snap of the birth certificate.


And wow, the beef dishes are so good. Tender, smooth, and with a few cups of sake. Everything makes it perfect. Let the photo do the talking.


Now looking at these photos make me want to eat them again. Finishing the dinner with crown melon. They cost a bomb as they will cut away the other 2 melon out the the 3 melon that has grown from a seed and only chose the 1 that grows well, so that all the nutrients and minerals only goes to the crown melon. This is how perfect and prideful the farmers treat their “babies”. It’s so sweet that I thought they may have added artificial flavouring.


That summarize the experienced at TSA. If you are planning some team bonding activities for your company or school, you may want to consider a cooking class at TSA. They have space that can accommodate a class of 20 people (if I’m not wrong). Find out more on their website here! Learn to dish out some sushi sounds fun!




Just ended my buzz buzz beezy month of June. It just flew past without me noticing it. It seemed like only yesterday that I was nervously blogging bout going for my first work trip to Cambodia!

Well, I don’t know where should I start writing from. Too much things happen and I just want to say about every single thing.

Oh, did I tell you about the Jay Chou’s concert I went on the 8th of June?! It was pretty awesome! A little bit of disappointing though. Firstly, I didn’t manage to buy the concert battery light stick as we went on the last day of the concert and was sold out while we were in queue 😦 Then, as it was the last day, we could hear Jay’s voice was very sore and tired. But he did his best and I enjoyed myself.

(Please pardon my sequence, it’s in a big mess right now)

Went for photography course with my bff before I flew to Cambodia. It was quite beneficial if I’ll ever be a fashion photographer. We did a trial shot with the pretty model, Andrea, but most of us were quite shy to ask her to do poses. Managed to shoot some shot. Photos here.

Worked for a wedding event on a Sunday. It was a cross-cultural wedding of a German and Chinese. I remembered an English teacher of mine asked us a question like this on a racial harmony day: What is the best way to show truly racial harmony? No prizes for the right guess. It’s love, marriage. When two people of different race decided to tie a knot together, it shows that they accept the difference and respect the culture of another. Isn’t that what racial harmony truly means, acceptance and respect. Anyway, back on the track, it was a well-blessed marriage, from the family and friends, where they also gave their utmost blessing to them.

Upcoming on post:
1. Tokyo Sushi Academy
2. Tiden Turns One

Ending my post here. Feel free to comment on how I can improve this tiny spot. Much appreciated!



Entre-Nous Creperie

Weather has been terribly horrible for the past weeks and it’s worst now. Even my hair caught the haze and smell like I’ve gone to a BBQ before coming to work. Please drink more water and wear a mask while outside.

Just read a blog article yesterday about photography for beginners. The blogger set a goal for himself to take at least a photo in manual mode a day and that’s how he picked up the skills. Quite a cool idea which also inspires me to do the same. All I need is a little bit of encouragement and with a pinch of guts to do. I have to ignore those comments saying I’m crazy and not shy to take out my camera and snap. Heh.

Went to Entre-Nous Creperie last night. It’s an authentic French Crepe restaurant. Oh my god, they have the best crepes (at least those I’ve tried in Singapore) ever! I’m not kidding at all! We tried 2 of their galette,  Avocado mashed with garlic, cream and tomatoes and Roquefort, chives, and toasted walnut and of course not forgetting the sweet dessert, Geraldine’s Favourite (salted butter caramel , cooked apple and vanilla ice cream). They even add fresh vanilla bean into their vanilla ice cream. The waiting time for the food to arrive is slightly longer but I’m not complaining! They have really nice ambience and good for catching up and just chit chatting – sort of compromised the waiting time.

Entre-nous Creperie

A busy week ahead! Cousin’s wedding and a mini project coming up. So excited bout the mini project! I hope it turns out awesome! Will keep this space posted!

Till then,