Tiden Turned One!

Wee happy post today!

So on 29th June, we were invited to Tiden’s first birthday party! He is the precious son of my colleagues, who is also a mother of 3. All her kids are so adorable, but they can be really naughty at times.

Blossom, Tida and myself have also volunteered to do a dessert bar for her. Yeap, so this is the mini project I was talking about in my previous post. We started a few weeks back with planning of what to bake and layout of the dessert bar. I was pretty excited about this and very satisfied with the outcome!

One of the night while doing our props

One of the night while doing our props

I really admire and envious of people who can draw really well and Tida’s drawing is just so good!! Though I didn’t contribute too much, but I enjoyed the process of planning, doing research and stuff like that. I just like being involved. As most of the things in the dessert bar are DIY, so we were occupied the whole week because we can only do it after work.

So on the day itself, we went early to set up our station. And tada, proudly present our dessert bar for Tiden!

Our very own dessert bar!

Spot our nicely wrapped homemade cookie truffle! We’ve gotten good reviews and can’t find that in Singapore.

Our very own cupcake stand that goes with the theme!

M&M character that represent Tiden on canvas. Drawn by our very own artist, Tida!

M&M character that represent Tiden on canvas. Drawn by our very own artist, Tida!

Our very cool food tag stand made of champange cork and blackboard paper

Our very cool food tag stand made of champange cork and blackboard paper

Homemade Chocolate Cupcake with Cream Cheese and M&Ms

Homemade Chocolate Cupcake with Cream Cheese and M&Ms. On our very own cake stand that goes with the theme!

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Homemade Biscuits with Strawberry slices and cream

Homemade Biscuits with Strawberry slices and cream

Looking good right! Ok, so after every was set up, the ants started crawling up our bar and we were forced to shift everything to another table.

And the party started. Here’s the bits and pieces of the party.

Tiden Turns One-61

Bestfriends with two kids who insisted to be in the photo

Bestfriends with two kids who insisted to be in the photo

Tiden Turns One-40 Tiden Turns One-35

Calm before the storm...

Calm before the storm…

and here comes the storm...

and here comes the storm…

SKT rocks!

SKT rocks!

Big baby

Big baby

Tiden Turns One-65

Haha, this cute little boy bugs me for a photo to be taken and that's what he poses for the camera

Haha, this cute little boy bugs me for a photo to be taken and that’s what he poses for the camera

Pretty mum with her 3 adorable sons. Matching M&M tees for the theme!

Pretty mum with her 3 adorable sons. Matching M&M tees for the theme!

Happy baby laughing at his mum

Happy baby laughing to his mum

Even he just sit there doing nothing looked so cute!

Even he just sit there doing nothing looked so cute!

Innocent eyes and cuteness overdose

Innocent eyes and cuteness overdose

Mum has the greatest love

Mum has the greatest love

And the highlight of the night for the kids is the pinata time! Tiden’s godma made him this gigantic M&M pinata for his party! She really has good handicraft skills. She even made him a chocolate candy bar as well as the photobooth backdrop. All by herself! I’m super impressed.

This the chocolate candy bar she done by herself

This the chocolate candy bar she done by herself

Super huge pinata for baby Tiden! though he don't get to hit it cos he's too young. LOL

Super huge pinata for baby Tiden! though he don’t get to hit it cos he’s too young. LOL

And the kids had fun and we had fun watching the kids having fun.

Yup, so this pretty sums up Tiden’s birthday. Loving gathering event like this 😀

Hope you guys had enjoyed your weekend. Getting ready for Monday again tomorrow!



3rd Anniverysary – Underwaterworld @ Sentosa

On date 25th of March 2012,baby and me went to SENTOSA to celebrate our third anniversary.

I always wanted to see dolphins, at least once in my lifetime. So was surfing the net and saw that SENTOSA has a dolphin lagoon (okay, I’m damn lag), so I pester my silly boy to go with me. 😀

We got up from the wrong side of the mall and couldnt find the tram counter so we decided to go by feet instead. It’s actually not very far and they have travellators as well. And you dont really need to “buy tickets” for entry. Just tap with your ez-link card! it’s that hassle-free. And the first thing to get from there, is definitely the sentosa island map.

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(suddenly got reminded of bff’s universal studio post: GUYS & MAP)
and B was reminiscing his good o’ times when he was doing navigation in army. HAHAHAHA

We went straight to Underwater World without idling other place. So we took the tram to the imbiah station and hop on to the blue line shuttle bus. Tada- Here we are!

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All the prices are stated there, so any of you interested in going there can take a look. There’s also the showtimes for the show.

And if you remember from your childhood memories, they always allow the peacock to walk freely at the mini garden right infront of the ticket counter. Though it was harmless but Im still afraid it will bite me. And no idea why after I took photo of it, it suddenly walked towards me! Freaked out and faster run to him. :/

So, nothing much changes in there, I think it needs some renovations and stuff. ANd the worst thing that day was the whole places flooded with tourists..from India. Just our luck. Urh.

At the entrance, they have this touch-the-fishes pool so you can touch them if you like. Haha. The baby eel kinda freaky if you can see from my pics, it just sticked out of the sand and they dont really move. I just had goosebumps seeing that. For I dont know why~~

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Super love the jellyfish! they are so beautiful! Especially under the changing lights!
More fishes. and hardworking staff cleaning the house of the fishes.

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No offence to anyone but those tourists really got on my nerves. Firstly the places is already very small, and they are not patience at all. THey just pushed here and there and stand infront of you to see the sea creatures. I know they are excited but cant they just do it politely?! For example there’s this really unique snow angel fish. They are open to view at this really small room (cos they survived in water that are 2 degree celsius cold). And they are really small so it only takes 3-4 person to occupy the whole view. So we went in there and some tourists are already there. So we waited and trying to find any spot to get close to them. So we managed to get a corner of the view after they moved to other places and guess what, when I was trying to take a shot of the fish one man just squeezed me away and took a pic of the fish. Urgh. Okay irritated and after they left, another group came in. So I didnt took a photo of that cute little thing. ohwell.

As I said, the place is really small, we finished walking within 30mins. And it was like 1 hour away from the showtime, so we bought some snacks and waited for the show to start at the dolhpin lagoon.

It wasnt that bad. You could see how the trainer train the dolhpins and the dolphins are actually swimming the in pool. Once in awhile they will pop their head out of it to change breathe (i think). And my camera just go snap snap snap snap snap snap snap- Hahaha. Oh ya, remember to seat at the stage side as most of the time the sealions would be performing there as well. (spot our different view in the photos, cos we didnt know that’s the stage)

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And to our dismay, it started raining like half an hour before the show! and the show got delayed by half an hour. Finally the rain got small.

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Sealions are the most adorable!! They just got that kind of humor in them. HAHAH.

And here comes the dolphins!

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ANd the show ended within 5 mins I was like “WHATTTTTTT?!” cos it was still raining and they wanted to protect the animals. I was nowhere near satisfied so we stayed till the the next show time MUAHAHAH. Since it was raining and we cant go anywhere else too, so you know.. must well stay there right. HAHAHAH.

Shifted to a better seats which is directly infront of the stage! And so we waited. And the rain finally stopped!

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

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The second time was much more better and nicer! and one lucky audience can have closer contact with the dolphin (at the 2nd and 3rd row of the last photos)

And big claps to the awesome trainers! they must have put in alot of efforts to train them and become rheir tacit partners.

Okay, more or less of our sentosa trip. It was a simple one, but enjoyable.

Love you more more!
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Happy 3rd Anniversary!




I’ve actually tried posted a few times already but the app crashed while im trying to post them. And I’ve to retype everyyyything. 

Okay so me and him went for a short trip to genting during his block leave. Malaysia is always an option cos it’s near and affordable. HAHA. 
Went there by coach, which is quite fast (if you sleep your way there). Booked it through EASIBOOK which is really quite easy to book (lameee). They have a few pick up points at north south east west. They had one in AMK which is near to his house so it was quite convenient actually. As the kiasu me always want to utilise the time, we took the earliest bus there so we will reach genting in the afternoon! HAHA. The coach journey wasnt that bad. You just board the bus, sleep, go stamp your passport at the checkpoint, sleep, toilet breaks, and tada! you’re there!

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The first pit stop was at this mini single level plaza, where there’s a canteen and a supermarket. So you can have your breakfast/brunch and buy some snacks. They have a name for this place (which i cant rmb), i think it’s quite popular to those who frequent malaysia. 

So we had our brunch and some self entertainment in the bus. Look at his ord counting down app. It was only 18% that time! 

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Look at his innovative method of eating the snacks. I fu le you. HAHAHAH. The 2nd pit stop was just toilet break. And after that all the way to genting. So just sleep alllll the way and when you open your eyes, it’s genting!

We had our accomodation at Theme Park Hotel. Spent some time looking for the hotel after alighting at the bus interchange. The signboard there is quite unclear and after awhile you get confused with the arrows. Managed to find our way there luckily (we almost walked the entire genting!). The room was neat and tidy and most importantly comforable! Though I’ve booked a room for two but the room comes in two queen sized bed. I guess they have higher ratio of family customers. The corridors of our level smelled of paint (but not very strong lah) so it looked really new and clean. Other than no wifi and limited channels and a distant to the shopping centre, I strongly recommend this hotel for budget stay. 

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Walked around and explore the place, planning what we can do for the next day and so on. Spot a karaoke BOX. It’s like kbox except it’s really a box. Just drop a dollar or two and you can sing for…one song. HAAHHAHA. Chillax at Starbucks for awhile. The best feeling in the whole is when you are at such a cold place and drink a warm cup of coffee with your love <3.

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Bought a midnight movie tickets and went for glow in the dark bowling while waiting for the time to pass. MUST MUST MUST  where white colour so when the light shine on you, you have neon colour (ME IN THE PHOTO!) cant see the boy cos he’s wearing like, grey? HAHA. It’s a different experience playing in the dark. 

As you can see in the photo, the seats of the cinema is quite comfortable. Similar to Cathay! blue one are couple seats. and the most awesome thing, IT FREAKING CHEAP! Like SGD6-6.50 for a ticket and a poporn! Caught Real Steel there and totally awesome. 

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The next day we went to this little museum. They displayed all the weird facts and stuff. See that Elvis Presley face? it’s actually made up of the barcode!

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Then just walked around again. So there was this “magician” performing at the center stage. It’s was really awkward cos after he performed a trick, nobody claps. So I think he got nervous and nervous and he didnt do it quite well! So.. erm. try harder next time. HAHA. damn bad. Then continued to walk around and take pictures. And had my first Baskin Robins! Eating ice cream in cold places really, indescribable. And I tell you, it is superrrr cold during the night. Especially when the wind blows. I was literally trembling all the way.

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The coach we took back was a premium one ( i dont know why, I booked the normal one though). the seats have massage function and a tv that plays english and chinese movies. and they actually have 3 point plug at the side. How cool is that! (bottom left pic – the boy having fun playing with the massage function LOL) 

and ta-da, that’s all for my Genting trip!

P.S was talking to BFF bout redang while blogging this. OH MAN! I MISS THAT PLACE!!!! 



2nd Anniversary BINTAN TRIP!



Baby and I decided to go to Bintan to celebrate our 2nd anniversary since we’ve graduated and quite free, and to compensate the time we did not spend together on our 1st anniversary 😀

Woke up early on the 23rd March morning and did a last round of preparation as I’m really paranoid if I missed out on anything. But it was really useless as I still forget to bring my shades, hair tie and goggles-.-

Met B at 11 to have our breakfast at our "all-time favourite" Macdonalds’ and did some last minute shopping! We both didnt have kite so decided to invest on 1 that cost us $29 in total for kite and the strings. Bought some tidbits and water and off we go to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal!



Our ferry was 2pm and we had to check in 1.5hours earlier. After checking in and filled up the immigration card (similar to the white card when going to malaysia), we shopped awhile and bought myself a shade! HAHAHHAHAHA cos I was complaining bout it. Then sat at some cafeteria waiting for time to pass and finally get to go in.



The ferry journal is 55minutes which is quite fast. If you have a itouch, ipod, PSP just watch some show and you’ll reach there in a blink of and eye. Have none of the above? Dont worry, they will play a movie on their TV too, so just watch awhile, camwhore awhile then reach already.



The seats are quite comfortable too, with a head rest that is covered with a disposable cloth (for those who are more hygiene concerned) and a big wide tv with good sound system (just abit too soft if you sit at the back)



And there we’re here at Bintan! Just do some passport stamping and the resort staffs will guide you to the buses.



To side track a little, this cute little japanese boy that was infront of us when we queuing to stamp our passport and coincidently sitting infront of us on bus too! CUTE TTM!



The bus ride from the ferry terminal to our resort (Bintan Lagoon Resort) is around 15-20minutes. I swear the driver drove at 140km/hr! But cant blame him cos the road is car-less hahahahhaha seriously.

When we arrived, and even before we alighted the bus, we were welcomed by the dancers at the entrance! Besides that, there is also a welcome drink served to us ( I didnt took it ) and of course friendly smile from every resort staffs.



Then we went to queue to check-in. There were 4 receptionists at the counter so checking in was fast. We were given two room keys and two towel cards for swimming or using for the beach.





Room 4126! Go buy 4D go buy 4D. Was standing between the cupboard (with 2bathrobe inside) and a chair for bag? LOL. And the toilet of course!


Our room was at East Wing, which is the garden view. It’s around $310 for 3D2N. (There’s a sea view room at the west wing that cost slightly more expensive.) A window seat where you can call for massage in your room. A balcony with 2 seats. And so comfy! quite worth it!

Rested for awhile and went to walk around first before decided to go for a swim.


Walked to the beach and they had this restaurant (30degree Seafood Restaurant) that serves food like fine dining.


Swimming pool! Open from 8am to 6pm. There are many Caucasians who would spend their whole afternoon suntanning and reading books there. There’s also a pool side cafe (circled in yellow) where you can ordered drinks and sit on the chair that’s in the pool to chill! The two circles in red is where you can play water-basketball with your peeps.

After strolling, we went to get changed and go for a swim. Didnt bring my camera though. Swam till 5+ and decided to go fly some kite! Oh! the time in Bintan is an hour slower than Singapore, so by the time we reached we still have an hour more to play! So we had 25 hours that day HAHAHHAHA.



The wind at the beach was so strong that what we gotta do is to just release the strings and the kite would fly on its own! That was the first time my kite went so high!



Written by my dearest baby, to compensate a love letter 😀


As you can see the sky was not very good that day plus night is falling. After we left for our room it started pouring. Bathed and rested for awhile then its dinner time!

Settled at this restaurant named Kopi-O which is a level down the lobby. You can choose to eat their buffet (which cost $38++ for an adult) or eat their a la carte. We chose their a la carte as nothing caught our eyes in their buffet.

Be prepared to pay super ex price for Singapore delicacies like Chicken rice, Char Kway Teow, Nasi Goreng, Nasi Bryanni etc. I ordered Kampong fried rice which cost $14 and B ordered Nasi Bryanni that cost $16. And also Tom Yum soup for $10.





But their portions were quite big. We cant finished the whole plate. While dining half way, there’s a live band that started singing quietly. As in, they didnt do any introduction or stuff. Probably because no one was watching? Hahaha. But they were quite good. The stage is directly above the restaurant. And you can watch it from the lobby.


We did not plan any activity for that night and it was raining cats and dogs, we decided to do………








FACIAL MASK! (took a photo but am not allowed to post it, sorry~)

The second day, woke up at 8am (which is SGT 9am) and went for a swim in the pool. It was soul-less. HAHA. After that we had breakfast at Kopi-O again because it is FREEE HAHAH. It comes with the package for the 3D2N accomodation. It’s like those normal buffet breakfast you would have when you stay in hotel or those in Redang. Cereals, bread, orange juice, milk, congee, noodles … breakfast starts from 630am(i think) to 1030am.

After breakfast is suntanning time!! The sun was so perfect! As Im tanned enough so all I do is keep spamming sun block. Hahaha. You know, you will still turn tanned somehow. But the weather was so awesome that I cant resist it!




Fly kite and after awhile we just let it fly itself hahahaha. Went to play in the sea when it’s high tide after all the sun bathing. The waves were so fun! Really love the sea so much!

After that we went for a 30 minute Javanese Massage near a hut by the beach (which i forgot to take picture). We gave it a try as when we walked past all the time, the massage girls will just sit one corner and relax. I was thinking how bad the massage can go till theres no business at all. It was quite good. And super relaxing to massage when the "air-con" was the breeze coming from the beach.

Bathed and had our "hand-made" lunch, cup noodles!


Relax awhile and went to book for the fireflies night tour at the lobby. $33.50 for an adult. A two hour trip including transportation from resort to the boat. The trip starts at 7pm so we went to the 30degree Seafood Restaurant to get us some drink.


It was by the beach. You can enjoy a cup of drink and look at the beautiful scenery and feel the nature.




Got myself a Sea Breeze(on the left). Contains Volka,cranberry juice and some other juice. And cause me to get the alcohol numbing effect later on. More bout it later. Baby got a Bintan Beach which contains pineapple juice, orange juice and i-dont-know-what alcohol. HAHA

Okay so I was drinking Sea Breeze with an empty stomach. And I drank 3/4 of the drink in one shot. I dint know it would have such effect on me till I started to feel my face swollen and cant really open my eyes. Baby called it "drunk". So he started snapping pictures of me and took video to proof that Im drunk when I keep saying Im not. HHAHAHA


It all get better after I pee. HAHHAAHAH okay I admit I’m a little drunk I guess? LOL. And about time to go for our night tour! Followed the staff to an empty van and thought that there will be other tourists behind us. To my surprise, the driver started the van and go. So we were the only two for this tour! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA WTH.



Thats the place where you have to take another small boat to see the fireflies. Luckily there were another couple from another resort that came for the night tour. At least not only two of us and the tour guide right??



The tour guide was super friendly and used to live in Singapore as a fisherman. He told us alot. Bout the stars and his life as a fisherman. And cos there were no lights around the lake, THE NIGHT SKY WAS MAD AWESOME! when you look up to the sky, all you can see is thousands of stars blinking at you!!!! Like those you see on show which are super fake. BUT THIS IS REAL! I SWEAR I WILL NEVER GONNA FORGET HOW IT LOOKED LIKE.

And I also learnt about these stars that points to the north, which is said to be more accurate that a compass. Cos a compass will always point at the north when you are at north so it wont show you other directions. Get it?


Off to see fireflies!

Do you wanna see fireflies?





















Okay lah I show you.


























HAHAHAHAHHAHAAH okay thats the best from my thousand years old camera okay~

They live in the trees which are near the lakes. So you can actually use your hand and catch them! They are totally harmless. You can keep in the water cup that they provided and observe them. SO MAD NICE! And when they are at the trees, the tree look like a christmas tree!! A natural christmas tree which doesnt use up any elecricity. Go green huh? HHAHA. But sadly, there isnt much youngsters that are interested in this kinda natural sight seeing I guess.

Had our dinner back in the resort at the same place, Kopi-O. Didnt took photo either. Haha. Ordered fish and chips and its a huge one. They gave FOUR pieces of fish and thousands of fries! And only $16 which is around the same price as fish and co or so but so much bigger portion. Baby ordered Mee Goreng which is also very big portion. Didnt finished either. LOL.

Ended our 2nd day with a good night rest(:

Last day we just went for breakfast and packed our things. Check out time was 12pm (SGT 1pm). After checking out, we had to wait for the bus to fetch us to the Bintan ferry Terminal which is 1pm. So we went to the beach and snapped some shot with nice clothing(HAHA) as we hadnt done so. The weather was awesome too! How I wish I could jump down to sea again! Photos turned out quite nice I LIKE!









And spotted some Singaporeans too!


More waiting time~


Spot Christopher Lee Wannabe.

And ended our 3D2N Bintan Vacation!




Crazy boy started camwhoring. Spot Eric Teo Wannabe! HAHAHHAA

That’s all friends! Cant believe I spent the whole day just to blog about this. Literally HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHA