“Trust arrives walking and departs riding!”

Exactly. Every sentences just speaks my mind.

It takes a magnanimous heart and lots of courage for someone to forgive and believe in another person again. Why go through all the pain when just being truthful is much simpler and easy.

Think before you act the next time. Is it worth it to cheat?


Monico Perez

Here is a new post that I am using from a good friend, Garrett that I networked with about a month ago and we’ve become good friends.  I felt his posting was great and I asked if I could share it with my network! Enjoy!!!


Never Cheat!!!

Trust walks in on foot but rides out on horseback. (Olde English Proverb)

Any time that it is broken, it quickly leaves. Never cheat; retain integrity; build trust with others. Layer congruent information upon congruent information. When a person cheats, trust goes out the window, rarely to return again. A leader should hold himself/herself to a higher standard. If not, your team will see through you. Cheating may seem like a shortcut to success, but it leads to a sure dead end.

There are three things required to be successful; character, tasks, and relationships. Great businesses are built by men and women following…

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My Kind of Therapy


I find that kids’ photos are so therapeutic. No matter if they look cheeky or just staring at you, you’ll feel so comfortable because you know they are harmless. You can see innocents in their eyes. I swear I can just look at their photos the whole time and I’ll feel relieve and forget all the troubling matter for a while.

On a side note, love this photo of xiao xiao di so much (:

2 more days to TGIF! Hope this photo is liften you readers’ mood abit and hope all of you enjoyed the cute photo of Tiden as much as I do!


Eunicewuu on the go






1. achieving or having achieved success.
2. having attained wealth, position, honors, or the like.
3. resulting in or attended with success.
Who doesn’t want to be successful? Everybody does. But are they all willing to take the risk? Are they all willing to step out of their comfort zone and try something new? Do they have the vision of things that are unfamiliar to them? Are they waiting for things to be successful already then join in the fun?
“The successful entrepreneur is the person who makes an idea happen, even if there are a lot of unexpected problems, and even if it’s not a very good idea in the first place.” – Paul B. Brown.
It’s hard to convince people who doesn’t see the vision that they do. Start up is not easy. People only believe you when you’ve shown the results. You’re just gotta keep finding the one who trust you. 
Was listening to some inspirational audio and I find this quite interesting. He was saying successful people don’t have a to-do list, they have a to-don’t list. They list down the things that they should not do. For example, don’t watch tv for more than 5 hours. Something like that. Quite cool isn’t it?
Haha, what a weird post I have here. Sorry, I’m a person who need a lot of inspiration from others. I love reading inspirational books. And I will re-read this post again and again just to keep myself motivated when I’m feeling demoralized or down. 
Okay. Time’s up. 


Still in the midst of picking up the habit is determination.

I have been picking up new hobbies and dropping it halfway. I want to change this habit and I need to.

How I wish there is someone that can be 24/7 by my side to constant remind me and motivate me to keep going on. Yes, I know. That someone lives in me, who is constantly fighting those lazy devils that wants to give up.

Let my determination starts here. Let’s see how long can I keep this space alive. I hope it never die….not again. 😀



Of Me

There’s so much thoughts going through my mind.

I have so much things I want to do but I’m stuck with exams now. Sigh. Dislike this struggle between rationality and madness. I always believe when you thought of something to do, you should not wait for the “right” time because now is the right time!

Yeah yeah. I may sound crazy. Probably because when I start to procrastinate, I will not get things done.

Alrighty. Shall try to concentrate to study now with my mind filled with other stuffs. Haha!

All the best to those having exams too!



New year’s eve post

Was scrolling through Facebook and saw this ‘friend’ of mine on my news feed and suddenly thought of how I met her.

It was a few years back when I was still working at fruzen yoguz (that was almost 3 years ago!). She and her boyfriend at that time was our regular customer. They patronized quite a few times while I was working. They were friendly.

Not long after, they added me on Facebook. But they stopped coming to the yogurt shop after that. And one day, she messaged me on Facebook to ask if the guy initiated the addition of Facebook or I did. I was quite confused though cos there weren’t much interaction with them. I told her the truth and ask her if there is any misunderstanding. She said nothing and don’t worry bout it.

They broke up after some time. Till now, They still are my Facebook friends and already have someone new.

Hahaha. Its an interesting feeling everytime I saw them on my news feed. I wonder how they feel.

Okay. That’s about it.

Hope everyone has a great coming new year ahead!



Sometimes people get too obsessed with what they are doing and neglected those who are concerned.

Well, maybe they were not important in the first place.

Used to be one of them that i’ve mentioned above. Want to remind myself to always keep things in balance and make time for everybody whom its worth.