Cambodia Trip – An Eye Opening Trip

Finally managed to find a time to set my thoughts (and butt) down to post about my Cambodia trip.

It was really a good opportunity for me, being able to travel without paying the air ticket and accommodation (it’s a work trip). And what’s even better, it’s a charity trip! Being involved in giving out to the less fortunate can be so joyful.

The kids there were contented by the simplest thing you can ever imaging. What leaves me the most impression is when we were giving out the clothes and toys, they did not fight for the toys, nor they quarrel over getting a “nicer” shirt. They accepted and were grateful to whatever was presented to them. I remember when 1 of the boys who was barefooted, was presented with a pair of sandals, after trying if the sandals fits him, he didn’t start wearing it. He thanked us and then removed the sandals and held it on his hand. Wow. I was speechless. I’m so used to buying new clothes and wear it almost immediately. They weren’t greedy to put on something they longed for. At some point of time, I needed a deep reflection on myself. They can have nothing yet so happy, while I have everything yet not happy (enough).

Other than doing some charity work at the school, the trip was also meant for me to open up and be outspoken (part of the reason why I was chosen to go for this trip). Well, I should say I didn’t make full use of this occasion to step out of my comfort zone. It was only till the last day of the trip then I opened up a little more. I was somewhat disappointed with myself after looking back at what I did there. Maybe I just needed a longer time to warm up. But no matter, I am a better player now and I know I will be even better each time.

Alright, I’m ending this post with one of my favourite shot at the primary school. Go contribute to these less fortunate people if you have the chance to do so. It will be a lifetime experience I promised (:


P.S. More photos available on my photo blog here



KL Trip


The only thing I like about new year is I can rest and take a short break from all those work and school. Still dislike those fake smile and superficial conversation.

Anyway, the first day of new year is always boring to me. As my maternal relatives are all in malaysia, so there’s no visiting on the first day. Oh well.

So here I am, blogging bout KL trip (finally!)

Okay, so me and B wanted to go for a short trip before he enlist. As both of us have low budget, so we decided to go somewhere near: KL.

Book an early flight cos I kiasu. I dont wanna lose a single minute there. See our shag face.
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Went straight to our hotel by cab. It was an 1 hour journey from the KL terminal. Took turn to take a nap in the cab cos we were afraid the driver would bring us to sell. HAHA.

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We stayed at Frenz hotel. I think it’s a not bad hotel. Located 5mins away from the nearest LRT station. It’s a newly built hotel so it’s clean and nice. Though it’s quite small and doesnt have it’s own restaurant. But I’m not complaining! I will definitely stay there again if there’s chance. It has complimentary breakfast at the malay restaurant beside the hotel (which we didnt eat for both day). Rested for awhile and then we set off to the famous KLCC.

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Ate Mdm Kuan’s recommended by B’s cousin. It’s quite good! though a little pricey I feel. But worth a try!
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Then we just walked around, shop around. As it’s a city area, the things stuff not really cheap till where. Not to mention those branded of cos, cos I didnt shop there. You can try Kinokuniya there though! Bought some books from there. Slightly cheaper than SG.

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Went to Chinatown and look for cheap stuff. The train system is quite advance in the city. You can either train there or the faster way is to cab.
KL Tip #1:Remember to take cab that go by meter only! Must always ask before you board the cab! Some driver really give an outrageous price like RM15 where when we took the cab by meter it’s only like RM7-8.

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We went around evening time (to avoid the night crowd) but still alot of people! They have this very cool tau hway stall at the road side. People just buy and eat infront of the stall. So we joined in the fun too!

KL Tip#2: Go anywhere also must bargain! According to *ahem* Mr Tan who has experienced, the stalls have a secret code. So when you ask them how much is the thing, they refer to the code and quote you. So try to ask for lower price! They have many repeated stalls there. So it’s kinda boring after awhile.

Didnt had our dinner there cos it was quite early for us. Went back to KLCC area. There’s some shopping mall for our price range as well. So just shop all day long.

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Had this penang delicacy at KLCC. Hmm.. not as good as we expected. Dont recommend this.

On the 3rd day morning, we went to try this yong tau foo. Had a really hard time trying to find this place. Took a cab there, but the cab driver also dont know the place. LOL. Luckily the lady driver was really patient and nice. Almost gave up and asked her to go back KLCC but just on that second we found the place!

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It’s a really famous place as the crowd is never ending. You can see from the photo, the counter uses mic to do the order. Then you see there’s a open kitchen.

Did some last min shopping and took train back to the airport. The train was quite empty. Was quite a comfortable ride. And most important thing: CHEAP! HAHA!

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And hence, we ended our 3D2N KL Trip!

KL Tip #3: Go with a friend who stay in KL, i think he/she can bring you to all those hidden good food there.