What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I’m halfway through my second book, Cashflow Quadrant, from Robert Kiyosaki after Rich Dad Poor Dad. It was truly reality-slapping on the face. He told us the cold hard truth of society and the inner thought in everyone’s mind which they tried so hard to suppress.

While reading the book, I always have the habit to reflect back on what he said to what I did. And this thought came into my mind. Years back when I was still in my school days, my used-to-be close friend of mine and I would have this little talk about our future, what we want to do after stepping to society and adulthood. She is intelligent, smart and I’d always envious her intelligence. She had a clear vision of being a teacher and planned to set up a home tuition centre where she could be a stay-home mum and also earning a living at the same time.

On the other hand, I didn’t know what I want. I don’t have good grades to begin with. I want to help more people but i don’t know how. Although I had a dream of living a fulfilling life, I didn’t know how to and what I want to do. What seems possible to do is to find a job, not sure how long it takes but work my way up the corporate ladder, get married and continue working. It was the ‘safe path’ so to speak. But deep down I know this is not the life I wanted to live. This is not the lifestyle I wanted. I wanted freedom.

I wouldn’t want to own a business and drown myself into working for the business for life. I want to be able spend more time with my children and not spend more time working for a living for my family. I want to have income even though I’m not physically doing the business so that I can do more voluntary work to help more people. I want to able to build a business around something where I truly have passion in, for then I will manage it wholeheartedly. I want a sustainable business for my future generations.

What the two books taught me was that all that I want is possible. All that I mentioned above can be a reality. I do not need to have a good grades to do that. We can be anything we want. Besides teaching us about money, rich dad emphasises personal development and see life in a different perspectives.

There are so much I’ve learnt through these books and I couldn’t tell you the same way he did. I strongly recommend everyone and anyone to read it. Disclaimer: I did not get paid to advertise 😉

Aside to that, after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and halfway through Cash flow Quardrant, I am glad that I’ve made the decision to jump into this amazing platform. This platform fulfil almost all the points that Robert Kiyosaki taught about. I am thankful for such perfect opportunity. This vehicle contains my passion and my dreams. How awesome can it be! :D! No matter how hard it takes, I’m getting there.

Oh! This reminds me that I need to start blogging about all my wonderful events so far with my blue sign family!

Stay tune till then! 😀

Eunicewuu on the go


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