The End to a New Beginning

It’s been a long hiatus at this site.

2014 has already begun and I haven’t done any proper post to end my 2013! I have been procrastinating this post due to the laziness of editing photos to be posted up. So I decided that this will be a wordy post first before I procrastinate even more.

2013 was indeed an eventful year for me. Ever since I joined this amazing platform to fun, freedom and fulfillment, life have really changed quite drastically for me. I have moved out of my comfort zone to reach closer to being who I am. In the past, I have always been the very mellow, quiet self. Confidence level was at the bottom, always trying to meet other people’s expectation that I often forgot who I really am. I would always have this doubt in me that I can never seem to get rid of.

After going for training and met the people from the Little Blue Sign family, I had learnt more about myself. It built up my confidence level, I know how much I am worth now. I got so addicted to being surrounded by positive people and the environment. I find myself drifting further away from negativity and I am glad I did. These negatives are just like a goalkeeper in a soccer game. When you worked so hard trying to score a goal in your life, the goalies will try to stop you from reaching your goal no matter what. They will try all means and methods to stop you. Then you think about this, so what is their goal in life? They have no goal other than stopping you from reaching yours. So stay strong, keep moving forward and you’ll definitely able to score your goals.

Other than that, I had also the opportunity to move to a new department and learnt about human resource, which is what I wanted to try. I would say there’s much more I have to learn from and also because the government policy is always improvising, HR is definitely more that what I think it is. But so far so good! There’s always new things for me to learn everyday and I’m enjoying it.

2013 is also a year for me where people come and go. Well, I wouldn’t say I have regretted anything. It was not a decision made overnight and not a choice made in a moment of foolish. I would say I knew myself better and know what I want in my life.

Moving forward to 2014, I can already sense that it’s gonna be a great year! I am all charged up and ready to make a dent in the universe! Just came back from my first dreamtrip to Bali and looking forward to the upcoming one! I promise I’ll blog about Bali soon okay? 😀

Let me end this post with a quote to remind myself:

It's got to happen inside first.



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