Been neglecting this space (again) as I didnt have much time to use my laptop to edit the photos as I am always out. But I just found a damn good photo editing app and I love it! Hope I will be more motivated to blog more! I actually have a bucket list for what to blog about and now I am to clear off the 1st on my list!

It was a dinner out with my lovely colleagues again to celebrate Friday! Nothing special about the Friday, just want to chill and relax after a busy week. We chose Grub as it was a new restaurant and the place looked pretty nice to chill. But the seating area is limited so we have to queue for awhile especially for a big group. We got our queue number and then we sat at some playground nearby and look what I’ve gotten for myself:



Sandflies bites!!!! Gosh I didnt know it was that bad till the next day! It looked much worst in real life. Glad they didnt leave any scars behind as I was very disciplined not to scratch though they itched like crazy.

Okay. Back to Grub. So we got our seats and settled down. The service staffs were very friendly but not so attentive cos it was full house! They were running around like mad.

Our limelight of the day is none other than our most affordable Alyssa! She’s such a cutie pie and so lovable that we naturally drawn our attention to her.


Nanny for the day – Mr Hong.
*Disclaimer: Alyssa was merely playing with the cold beer. No underage drinking here.

And here comes the food!


Just normal egg with bread stick.


This is kinda good.


Pork Burger! The meat was not overdone, juices were quite well retained. Recommended! 


Chicken Roll with Mashed Potato. I thought the mashed potatoes were quite good. Homemade and well infused with cream. Chicken was good too. Crispy and tender. Nicely done.


Most disappointing dish. Risotto with Salmon (I think) . Risotto was overcooked and too much gravy. No texture at all. Boo.



Churros and waffle for desserts!  Churros was good! And according to Bloss, this is by so far the best Churros she had in Singapore. Of cos still can’t be compared to what she had in Australia. Waffle was not bad too.

That pretty sums up the food we had. Of cos not missing the joy and laughter that spread across the dinner. Happiness can be so simple.

Hope you had fun reading too!

Till then,


Eunicewuu on the go


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